About Flatwhite.co

We got 200 words to our claim of fame. So, here we go……..

Our Services

  • Visual media strategies for businesses, in line with their vision and aspirations
  • Creative ideas that differentiate our clients from their competitors
  • Visual media production that includes
    • Awesome Commercial, Fashion & Creative Photography
    • Impactful Commercial & Creative Films (Videos)
    • Cast, Actors, Locations, Post Production and Distribution
    • Branding, Graphics and Design services that are in line with business vision
    • Web Development and E-commerce Solutions (for few of our clients)

Avikal (Avs-Kumar)

A kick-ass photographer, abstract thinker, author and a mentor. Arguably a photographer with the widest skill set and a business mentor at the same time. Some may call him a maverick artist too, but Avs is an idea factory and a soulful genius. With him being at the helm at Flatwhite, you can be sure that you are dealing with a firm that believes in ideas deeper than just random photography and videos.

Vikram (Vik)

An experienced and creative cinematographer, director and an award-winning software engineer. Vikram is the pivot for project execution and delivery at Flatwhite.co. A methodical mind with disciplined execution and delivery. With Vikram, you can be assured of quality, timeliness, and performance that will always exceed your expectations.